Trip to Lille (France) within the framework of the literary festival OEBF 2019

Our festival is almost over! November 17 was a short trip to France in the historic city of Lille, which is located near the capital of Belgium – Brussels! Festival participants met with the rich historical region of Flanders, breathtaking architecture and the exquisite cultural French city!
The construction of the station began, which was begun in 1869. A trip to the center of Lille and acquaintance with Old Lille in the northern part of the city. The city center with its rich and impressive architecture impressed all the participants of the festival. Notre-Dame-de-la-Trail Cathedral, Church of Saint-Andre, where the celebrated General Charles de Gaulle was baptized.
We will be happy to go to the best pastry shops in the city.
In the evening, the participants headed to the Ahmadiyyah Mosque, where its representatives and Nurym Taybek kindly met. It was a great tour of the entire mosque, which tells about the features, as well as in more detail about the origins of the Ahmadi teachings. Then dinner was held with the head of the Ahmadi community in Brussels. After the tour continued, it was a film voiced by Nurym Taybek. We want to express special thanks to Nurym Taybek for the opportunity and cooperation!

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