Voices of Friends REELpoetry video contest!

Eurasian Creative Guild (London) announces the opening of applications for the international contest of video poetry “Voices of Friends”!

What do you get from participating in our contest?

-International level (Eurasian Creative Guild (London) currently has more than 300 poets from 30 countries)

-An opportunity to tell about yourself and your work at our first Voices of Friends  international poetry festival which will be held in Kaliningrad from August 2 to 4 *.

As the main prize, the winner can go FREE of charge to Italy as an official member of literary festival OEBF! **

Terms & Conditions

The Voices of Friends REEL poetry contest is accepting film and video in three categories: 

1) cinepoems 

2) short poetry documentaries 

3) spoken word videos. 

You are allowed up to 3 entries in each of the categories, each submitted separately, as follows:

CINEPOEMS – 2 minutes max

Created by poets or filmmakers or artist collaborations.


May document the making of a poem, daily life of a poet, poetry event etc.

SPOKEN WORD VIDEO – 2 minutes max

Video of live performance


  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation, provided that their work is selected for display at the Poetry Festival “Voices of Friends”, which will be held in Kaliningrad from August 2 to 4.
  • Following the results of the Festival, the Grand Prix winner will be determined who will receive a free trip as an official participant to Italy as part of the OEBF 2020 Literary Festival **

Video Requirements:

Videos should be available to organizers via the link for regular cloud-based video platforms such as Google Drive, or by email at kristina@ocamagazine.com. Also, works can be submitted through Telegram / WhatsApp (+998901759493).

The registration period is from December 25, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

  • Movie must not be uploaded to YouTube before
  • The link to the video should be indicated in the application form

Requirements for participation:

  • Everyone is invited to participate in the contest over 12 years old (under 18 years old are allowed only with the permission of the parents).
  • Application for participation can only be sent by current members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London). You can find out how to become a member of the Guild here.

There are 3 ways to become a member of the Guild and participate in the competition:

1) free membership is provided to participants who make a film on one of the works recommended / set by the organizers (write to kristina@ocamagazine.com)

2) Membership in the Guild in the Contest category (£ 20) ***

3) membership in the Guild in the Individual (£ 50) / preferential (£ 30) category (you can read all the conditions and advantages of membership on our official website here.

Note: The category “Competition” and free membership is provided only to those who have not previously participated in our contests.

* The selected video will be shown at the first international poetry festival “Voices of Friends”, which will be held in Kaliningrad from August 2 to 4.

The festival will include live performances, conversations, workshops, evening shows, poetry quizzes, questions and answers with poets and city tours

** At the festival, the winner of the competition who will win the Grand Prix will be determined – a free trip to Italy as part of the literary festival OEBF!

The trip includes: air travel from Moscow to Rome, travel from Rome to the festival venue, 1 night Student accommodation in Rome and 3 nights at the venue. The total amount of services provided cannot exceed $ 500 and all reservations are made by the organizers.

*** Category Competitor gives the right to participate in all competitions organized by the Guild for one year (Read more on our website here)

In order to fill out an application for the contest, fill out the form here.

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