Top-25 work of Arts of Eurasia-2020.

How can the coronavirus inspire your creativity? This is the one of the best ways to intelligently develop your potential.

Even when the Earth is imminently moving towards the perceived apocalypse and people panicking to sweep everything off the shelves of shops you can always direct your creative emotions in the right direction.

Sitting at home, reading books and watching tv series is good, but why don’t you become the one whose work your neighbor will admire if the world decides to lock everyone up again?

The chance to leave a mark in history increases by a million times if you use your free time correctly to develop your creative potential, even despite the pressure of the world situation in different spheres of life of each of us.

What solution does the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) offer to you?

“TOP 25 WORK OF ARTS OF EURASIA-2020” is a new project for artists, sculptors, photographers, fashion designers, illustrators, graphic designers and other representatives in the field of visual art, which allows all creative people to demonstrate their art.

If you have long wanted to make a name for yourself at the international level, this is a unique chance that can’t be missed!

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) has set itself the goal of uniting creative people from all over Eurasia, despite the current situation.

What does this project include?

  • exhibition of up to three personal works in museums or art galleries in 12 cities / countries for 125 days (London-Brussels-Tallinn-Minsk-Kishinev-Moscow-Saint Petersburg-Nur-Sultan-Almaty-Bishkek-Tashkent-Samarkand-Madrid); *
  • award ceremony in the heart of Great Britain — London within the framework of ECG CREATIVE WEEK (1-6 October 2020);
  • a unique set up to 25 posters (A2), published in London + one free set and the opportunity to buy the latest copies at a discount of 25%;
    publication of the roadshow report and catalogue in the British magazine OCA Magazine;
  • possibility to combine participation in exhibitions with a guild member in all cities with the support of members of the Guild **;
    information support for all possible Guild resources (SMM, social media, Guild website and partner media);
  • the possibility to make a personal exhibition as part of a general roadshow ***;
  • organization of sale of works of participants **** and possibility to exhibit original works instead of reproductions. *****

The participants of this project will not only demonstrate their creativity to the world, but will also be able to get acquainted personally with creative and talented members of the Guild in the cities of exhibitions.

After long thinking over the highlight of the project, our creative team decided to involve a wider audience of participants in the contest, opening this project to all representatives of visual art. We look forward to your participation, if you are:

  • a creative personality of any direction (painting, photography, various handicrafts, conceptualism (sending a message in free form), literary cover graffiti, drawing, illustration, comic book, advertising poster and all designers);
  • a public professional association in whose interest it is to promote its members.

There are only a few steps left to get closer to the international exhibition in 12 cities:

  1. Presence of active membership in the Eurasian Creative Guild (London). In case you are not a member of the Guild, you can register on the Guild website.
  2. Your creative vision, original style, unshakable faith in your talent and the presence of 1-3 works for participation.
  3. Filling in the participant form and submitting an application, which will be considered on a competitive basis.
  4. Approval of your work by the Expert Council (maximum 25 finalists).

Now let us move on to the technical side of the project, namely to the requirements regarding your applications:

  • format: JPG;
  • size: at least A4 (original);
  • resolution: 300 dots per inch;
  • photo caption: name of the work, style, execution material;
    up to three projects can be submitted.

Participation is FREE for Guild members. Since the aim of the project is to identify talents and further cooperation in book initiatives, the Guild has not only reduced its contribution to the first round, but immediately cancelled it.

Important moment! When your artwork has been selected by the Expert Council, there are two options:

  1. Your participation in the exhibition, but you will need to pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of £345 for each artwork, which will go to organize international exhibitions in 12 countries and the publication of a set of posters.
  2. In the case, when the author of the artwork for any reason (financial, tourism, etc.) can’t pay a fee, he/she will have the opportunity to participate in an online exhibition and receive a certificate of participation in this project.

Please, pay attention to the project deadlines:

Stage 1. Acceptance of applications/nominations till June 1, 2020.
Stage 2. Announcement of results will be on July 15, 2020.

The awarding ceremony and presentation of participants will be 1-6 October 2020. The roadshow is scheduled from August-November. The schedule and route will be published later and will depend on the situation in the world.

To apply for the project, please fill out the online form.

Even in spite of the current mood imbued with fear, panic and aggression, the Guild believes that this time is perfect for creative self-realization. After all, even in the most troubled times there have always been people who have inspired others.

* due to the coronavirus and closure of borders, the countries chosen for the exhibition may change.
** with Guild of Volunteers members in these cities.
*** for an additional fee and an exhibition space in the host country.
**** the possibility of selling the works will depend on the rules of the exhibition venues, and a commission of 25% will be deducted from the funds received.
***** the opportunity to exhibit the originals is provided to the authors who will deliver and transport the original works from the exhibition to the exhibition on their own and will provide their works with insurance in case of damage and theft of their works.

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