Creative meeting in Moscow

In the evening of January 31, a meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) took place in Moscow in a warm, cozy and creative atmosphere! The meeting was held by Chairman John Farndon, who specially flew from London for this event, and Vice Chairman Marat Akhmedzhanov.

In addition to holding a creative meeting, the chairman and vice-chairman took part in an expanded meeting of the Eurasian Peoples ‘Assembly, at which an agreement on cooperation between the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly was signed.

At the creative meeting, John Farndon made a welcoming speech and got acquainted with the members of the Guild, and also pleased everyone present with his works: verses of his own work and translations into English of the works of Alexander Pushkin and Vladimir Vysotsky.

Then vice-chairman Marat Akhmedzhanov spoke, who spoke about the projects and plans of the Guild in 2020, handed certificates and badges to new members of the Guild: Olga Skorokhodova, Anton Scheprov, Ingrid Kim, and also extended their membership: Elena Sedova, Marcel Salimov, Elena Smirnova , Natalya Loskutova.

After the official part of the meeting ended, the event gradually turned into a creative channel. Representatives of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Great Britain, Bashkiria and other regions spoke at the meeting. Natalia Zakharova, actress and cultural adviser, read out the works of Nobel laureate Ivan Bunin, in honor of the 150th anniversary of his birth. Member of the Guild Ernis Esentaev specially flew from Bishkek in order to speak at the meeting of the Guild in Moscow. In addition, Elena Smirnova and Elena Sedova read out their beautiful works.

We would like to note the performance of Igor Nikitin, who pleased the hearts of those present with soulful songs. Vitaly Annushkin shared his own poem “Not One Bread Loaf”. The meeting was remembered not only for its bright performances, but also for a large exhibition of the works of the artist and member of the Guild Nikolai Udaltsov.

We would like to express my deep gratitude for the assistance in holding the event to the Ambassador of the Guild in Moscow Artyom Dudnikov and member of the Guild Ingrid Kim, as well as for the hospitality of the administration of the cafe “Buloshnaya” (Zhitnaya street, 10).

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