7th wonderful online zoom meeting on the topic “Birds and Beasts! “

Today we had our 7th wonderful online meeting on the topic “Birds and Beasts! “

Zoom meeting was led by Chairman of Eurasian Creative Guild -John Farndon. There were participants from all over the world : United Kingdom, France, Norway, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus, Georgia. 16 speakers got a chance to introduce themselves and make their contributions. We would like to thank everyone for your amazing performance ! It’s worth mentioning that this was the first meeting when a piece of art was created during a meeting. An artist from Paris Aurelio Freoua has drawn a truly beautiful painting on the subject that has been discussed. Also russian speaking participants were reading poems in English and vice versa. The reflection and using birds in fashion, painting and literature was also brought up. Special thanks to participants who shared with everyone stories about birds in their native countries and countries they have been to. It was interesting for everyone to get to know each other anв listen to fascinating facts about birds.

Thank you ever so much for being there with us ! Much appreciated

Guild-themed online meetings in Zoom are held weekly, every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Moscow time /London: 12:00 (+2). Next meeting will be шт russian language and will be dedicated to the art of Mayakovsky.

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