Eurasian Creative Guild (London) launched a new crowdfunding project – Almanac “Voices of Friends”

In order to support the poetry of the classics and collect poetry from different countries, the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) together with the Hertfordshire Press revived the project of the poetic almanac “Voices of Friends”, created to support and spread the poetic heritage of the Eurasian peoples.

The almanac has 365 pages, 100 of which will be used exclusively for the publication of classic poems.

What you need to do? To sponsor one of the poems of the eminent classic (exclusively of your choice), and your name that will be next to the great poet in history.

The verses of your choice (eg Yesenin, Pushkin, Abay) will be published in the poetic almanac of “Voices of Friends” published by the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press.

You have provided help and support to the Great Poets!–3/x/7707228#/

We express our incredible gratitude in advance for your support! 

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