OCA Magazine special edition:200 Landmarks of Eurasia

Greetings from the editorial team of the OCA Magazine (UK). We are currently preparing a special edition of OCA:“200 Landmarks of Eurasia-2020”, dedicated to the best modern and historical architectural sites of Central Eurasia, inspired by Forbes.

Your opinion is important to us!

You can TAKE PART in the discovery of these “200 Landmarks of Eurasia-2020” by sparing 5 minutes of your time.

Including famous historical architectural structures, such as the Kremlin, Registan, the mausoleum of Ahmed Yasavi, as well as Khan Shatyr in Kazakhstan, the National Tea House “Melon” in Tajikistan, the museum complex Sulayman-Too in Kyrgyzstan, among others; you will have the chance to decide which architectural sites will be the most highly rated.  This rating will not only be compiled by readers from across the world, the best architectural objects/buildings of Central Eurasia will become recognised internationally too.

The special issue of “200 Landmarks of Eurasia-2020” will consist of 2 sections:

HISTORICAL ARCHITECTURE (developed before 1990)


The goal of the project is to bring together urban planners, architects, developers, tourism experts and media representatives to promote the best architectural monuments of the countries of Central Eurasia.

10 countries of Central Eurasia, located in the heart of the ancient Silk Road will be included in the edition: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

We therefore invite you to name the BEST ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES of YOUR COUNTRY, and in other countries of Central Eurasia for this special edition ]“200 Landmarks of Eurasia-2020”.

To ensure your opinion is recognised, answer our survey on the best architectural projects of Central Eurasia by voting on this link.

If you have specialist knowledge in this subject and wish to publish your expert opinion or an interview in this issue of the magazine, please contact saniya@ocamagazine.com.

In gratitude for participating in our survey, your name will appear on our pages of the special issue “200 Landmarks of Eurasia-2020”, and you will also receive a free digital copy of the magazine. 

This special edition will be published and presented in London in October 2020.

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