The tenth online meeting on the topic “How to improve communication to creative people”

On June 10, 2020, the tenth online meeting of the members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) on the topic “How to improve communication to creative people” was held. For the first time, this event received a new format for the master class, aimed not only at the speakers ‘discussion of the declared topic, but also at broadcasting the speakers’ unique experience. We thank the meeting speakers: Executive Committee of the Expert Council “Business Coaching” of the Eurasian Creative Guild – Chairman and moderator of the meeting, Elena Bezrukova, deputy. Chairman Gennady Gorovoy and Secretary of the Council Madina Demirbash, as well as Vice Chairman of the Guild Marat Akhmedjanov.

The meeting was attended by 51 people from 12 countries, which once again confirmed the relevance of the chosen topic – how to build communication specifically for creative people, especially in difficult pandemic conditions – not only for current members of the Guild, but also for creators from around the world.

Within the framework of the master class, four speakers shared with the meeting participants their experience in building effective creative communications, and each speaker revealed the topic in his own special way. The first speaker was the moderator of the meeting, organizer and owner of the Elena Bezrukova Center, Training and Consulting, leading business coach, practicing psychologist Elena Bezrukova. She presented a video that clearly demonstrates the basic elements of communication, as well as the main problems that arise when one of the elements does not work correctly. The visual format and unique information served as the basis for further speakers’ speeches and dialogue with participants.

The second speaker was the writer, poet, coach, motivational speaker, and most importantly, the caring person Gennady Gorovoi. His speech was focused on the importance of the ability to find ourselves in interaction with other people, to understand our strengths and “… how else can we help the world” (from the speaker’s speech). And the author’s poem “Solar Eclipse” read by Gennady became an excellent motivation for all participants to look for like-minded people and achieve new creative success!

The third word was taken by Madina Demirbash – psychologist, “international therapist of love”, author of the book “The Art of Mature Love”. She revealed to the participants a practical technique for building mutual understanding, especially in conflict situations. And the main idea of ​​her speech was the thesis that, first of all, it is important to understand what you experience in the process of communication. And sometimes for this you need to take a break.

The final speaker was Marat Akhmedjanov, vice chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild, who has many years of experience building effective communication with creative people around the world. In his speech, he identified four key factors for successful interaction with business partners and with people in general – respect for a foreign culture, a balance between the wisdom of the older generation and the energy of young people, the ability to really assess the situation and allocate time to support relationships, especially in today’s difficult global situation.

The second part of the master class was held in an active form of dialogue. The participants in the meeting asked more than ten questions, and the speakers tried to answer each of them individually or jointly, expressing different opinions about the problems raised by the participants. And, due to the fact that the rules of the event did not allow to answer all the questions, the meeting will continue in social networks according to the speakers.

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