Santa’s Workshop asks for help and support

To: All minority communities in the UK, schools, social clubs and community organisations, active individuals from all communities and places of the World 

Santa Claus is having challenging times over the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, and his wish this Christmas asks from you your support to make this Christmas time unique with your help. North Pole workshops too are affected by COVID19, and our Elves need your help.

Any community has its own fairy story and characters in it. This year, Santa wishes to highlight your community fairy story characters and replace traditional Christmas cards with your fairy story characters and open “Fairy tales Christmas Card workshop”. 

Christmas cards are shielded from COVID19 and can be the best way to highlight your community traditions and believe in this holy time. Posting the Christmas card is the best reminder of your community to your friends, family and other organisations, best of all, this way we all always keep all social distancing regulations and bring a lot of joy to many people.

Santa knows too that The Queen loves receiving Christmas cards. From your community fairy story Christmas cards, Santa will choose the best Christmas cards and will deliver to her Majesty the Queen, but this is not all. The Best Christmas cards from all entries that exist will be used for creating next year’s unique calendar. There will be some surprises from Santa to the most active organisations, schools, clubs or community organisations.

Get your creativity out to make something special, ask for family, friend or teacher support and create a unique Christmas card with your community fairy story character on it.  

Our Contact person for this unique Christmas card workshop and collection is “Anastasia’s Art of Life”, for guidelines and how to “Fairy tales story Christmas Cart workshop.”

The project organised by “Anastasia’s Art of Life” in partnership with “Eurasia Creative Guild.”   

The Project launching on 1st November 

How and who can enter into the project?

  • Anyone can enter the Workshop as an individual or group. 
  • Schools, interest, social clubs and community organisation or representative of the minority communities
  • From World Wide territory (entry from any country) but representing only that country traditional fairy tales story. 
  • Children, adult
  • Entry can be from all world countries.

We plan to make a press release to media too and involve network with ECG.



Christmas Card’s conditions:

  • Christmas card classic characters have to replace with your cultural fairy tales story character/s,
  • Card max size format – A4 
  • Can be used any techniques or materials for creating the card 
  • With the card,  request send short to inform about the fairy tales story and the character on the card in the English language (max 300 words) 

Registration by email: 

Name of author :

Name of a group:  



Contact number, preferably WhatsApp :

Social media: 

Age group: 

– Children, (please mention the age of the author/s)

– Over 16 years Old 

Christmas card deadline sends in digital format:  

  • 20th December 2020 midnight UK timeline. 
  • Image format: PDF or JPG 

20 -25 December 2020 will be a public vote on the Facebook pages:  

  • Anastasia Art of Life 

25th December reveal winners in 4 different categories

  •  Online award ceremony in social media platforms 
  •  The best original cards will be sent to Her Majesty the Queen with cover letter and short information about the fairy tales story and the character on the card in the English language (see TC )
  1. The best three cards –  Children category 
  2. The best three  cards – over 16 years old 
  3. We will select 12 best cards for the calendar. 
  4. Public favourite  

Winners send original works to: 50 Royal Oak Road, B65 8NU

The original cards have to reach the address until 1. January 2021 

The calendar will be printed and delivered to all winners with special certificates.

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