On November 7, the online presentation of the fourth volume of the “Thread” collection was held by the ECG

The pandemic is not a hindrance to the development of creative projects, as the practice of the Eurasian Creative Guild shows. This year we have already released the 4th volume of our collection “Thread” with the support of the company “BelBrand”.

The experience of online presentation has become a kind of unique. Traditionally, the first presentation of the previous volumes took place in person as part of the OEBF festival (which had to be postponed to May 27-30, 2021 due to quarantine), and the collections were presented by the Guild Executive Committee. But this year we were able to give the authors included in the collection a unique opportunity to attend the presentation and personally talk about themselves, their works and what role “Thread” played in their creative life!

The presentation was held on the Zoom platform under the moderation of the curator of the Thread project Olga Mitakovich (Belarus).


“Thread-4” included works by 16 authors from different countries of the world.

  • “Loss of status”: Alex (Larisa Alekseeva), Latvia. Designer, psychologist, worked on television and radio.
  • “From the Third Bilateral”: Inana (Elena Aslanyan), Armenia. He has a higher technical education, systems engineer. As part of the ECG Film Festival – 2019, her video for the novel Three Twins was recognized as the winner in the Book Trailer nomination.
  • “Prisoners of War” (chapter from the book “Lost in Time”): Olga Bagriy, Ukraine. Kiev poetess and prose writer. Born in Belarus on August 29, 1927. The first works were her memories of the war, which she began to record back in her student years. The lines of her poems and prose are imbued with the love and joy of life, sadness and sorrow; faith and hope; condemning human vices; sincerity of feelings and purity of soul; wisdom and sacrament; considerations of eternity in infinity.
  • Miniatures to grafels: Elena Bezrukova, Kazakhstan. Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), business coach, psychologist, entrepreneur, author of paintings in the direction of projective graphics, laureate of literary competitions, member of the Advisory Council of the Guild, chairman of the Expert Council of the Guild “Business Coaching.”
  • “Grandfather Kostya”: Mark Bryzgalov, Russian Federation. Currently works as a director of a financial and construction company. He is fond of the history of Russia, the author of two historical books, a participant and finalist of several All-Russian and international literary competitions. Official UN volunteer.
  • “Ghost City”: Anna Gogoleva, Russian Federation. Born and raised in Yakutia. senior researcher at the P.A. Oyunskogo Literary Museum. The author of a number of collections of short stories and short stories, articles and works on the history, literature, beliefs of the Yakut people, in particular, the book on shamanism “Caretakers of the Universe,” as well as children’s theater tales staged on the stage of Yakut theaters.
  • “History of Asta”: Aldona Grupas, Lithuania/UK. Nurse, writer, blogger, speaker, creative connector. He lives and works in the UK. Chairman of the Lithuanian Society in Walverhampton, Albion Creative Club in Birmingham. In her books, she shares her experience with patients, what difficulties she faced and what she learned, writes life stories of both her colleagues and patients.
  • “Hare” (story): Akylbek Dzhumanaliev, Kyrgyzstan. Head of the Institute of History and Cultural Heritage at the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor and Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic. Engaged in creativity since twenty-five years, for fifty years.
  • “Life and shop. Comparisons, “” Fidelity and disbelief “: Arnel Ankh (Lyubov Efimova), Russian Federation/Spain. Born in Moscow, since 2000 lives in Spain. Today he actively participates in literary events as a poetess and writer. In the poetic collection of works there are works in both Russian and Spanish. Loves life in all its colors and shades!
  • Star Boy: Maria Kevaeva, Russian Federation. Born in 1990 in Samara. She graduated from the International Market Institute with a degree in Master of Linguistics. English teacher, translator. The place of work is the online school ALIBRA SCHOOL. Three times the finalist of the Open Eurasia contest in 2016, 2018 and 2019, won first place in the Literary Translation category in 2019.
  • “On the other side of everything”: Natalya Konstantinova, Belarus. Writer from Minsk. Journalist. Twice received prizes at republican professional competitions. Seriously engaged in literary activities.
  • “Waitress”: Gulnar Emil (Gulnar Mambetsadykova), Kyrgyzstan. Ambassador of the Guild in Kyrgyzstan. By education, the physicist, but at the behest of Fate, was engaged in the promotion of Kyrgyz clothes. In 2002, she made a series of author’s women’s programs “Elechek” on the channel of the Public Broadcasting Corporation of the Kyrgyz Republic. He writes prose and poetry.
  • “There is no time to die” (humorous story): Marcel Salimov, Russian Federation. A prominent Russian and Bashkir satirist writer, poet, publicist, public figure, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Bashkir SSR, holder of the Order of Friendship. For thirty years he worked as the editor-in-chief of the Bashkir satirical magazine Hanek (Vils). The author of forty-five books in Russian, English, Bashkir, Bulgarian, Tatar, Chuvash.
  • “Prayer Light,” “Law of Preservation of Joy”: Victoria Sinyuk, Belarus. Prose writer, literary critic, philologist. Born and lives in Minsk. Teacher of Russian language and literature. The author of two books of short stories. Member of the Union of Writers of Belarus.
  • “In the closet,” “The Bricklayer’s Rap”: Firdaus Khazipov, Russian Federation. Member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Honored Worker of Press and Mass Information of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Candidate for membership in the International Writers Union. The author of six books.
  • “Soul,” “Dream Nayavu,” “One song is enough”: Lenar Shaekh, Russian Federation. Tatar poet, children’s writer, translator, publicist. Candidate of Philological Sciences. Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan. Editor-in-chief of the Tatar Book Publishing House.

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