The Heartbeat of Eurasia competition: design of clothes, accessories and jewellery

Don’t delay your dream of becoming a designer well known outside your country and join The Heartbeat of Eurasia fashion contest. We do everything we can to make experts and colleagues in the world of fashion aware of you, so you can shine at the venues of one of the world fashion capitals – London.

The past year has demanded courage and determination from all of us, and so far only some of us can travel and look forward to tomorrow with confidence. Therefore, we want to give worthy designers of clothes and accessories, as well as jewelers more opportunities to represent themselves. More about contest here.

The schedule of the contest:

28th June – an out-of-competition demonstration of collections as part of the Fashion Show in London, dedicated to the ECG Film Festival. This show is for those who have already become an official contestant (received a certificate of a member of ECG (London) and sent work). To participate in the out-of-competition show, contact ECG (London) Executive Director Tatyana Shevchenko by email All participants in the show will be provided with the Certificate of acknowledgement.

15th August – deadline for applicants. If you are afraid that you will not be able to attend the final events this summer and you will not be able to take advantage of your happy chance, then this news is especially for you))) We understand and support you taking care of your health and finances and extend the acceptance of applications.

1st September – announcement of finalists. We will hold a Zoom meeting where we will announce the shortlists.

2nd-20th September – interview with finalists. All candidates will be interviewed by members of our excellent jury – professionals and influencers, as well as representatives of the executive committee of ECG (London). This is your chance to personally communicate with people who can give you access to the international level and pass to world glory!

5th October – Gala Fashion Show “Beautiful Peri” in London. Award ceremony for winners.

Any questions left? You can always contact ECG (London) Executive Director Tatiana Shevchenko by email

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