The story of the two arts, and why it’s important for ECG

Once upon a time, there were two young persons. The girl is the epitome of poetry and the light breath of a beautiful syllable. The young man is a serious but sensitive young artist. They loved each other passionately and tenderly. They loved each other, but they couldn’t be together. 

They thought that the feelings were not mutual. The artist was afraid that the paintings are something too frozen for his beloved, that they reflect only a piece of reality. The girl thought her poems were too frivolous, and the words would never touch the human soul. Their apprehensions were completely wrong and groundless, but their humble natures did not understand it.

Then they both had a dream: a voice from beyond designated that there is no need to be afraid, that they were destined to go together, on the same road. It seemed to light them up, and the awakening was so easy, and it was so luscious to get rid of prejudice! Immediately they woke up, ran to each other, joined hands to never part them again, and to make art together.

We want to honour this beautiful match with the “Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art Festival”. In the poetic part of the program, there will be a marathon, a presentation of the Voices of Friends almanac, as well as personal presentations. In the artistic part, there will be an exhibition and other exciting events. 

The award ceremony for the winners of the competition program “Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art” for poets and artists will also be held as part of the festival. The event will take place in September 2021 in Almaty and from 1 to 7 October 2021 in London as part of the Eurasian Creative Week.

We encourage you to submit applications and honour the beautiful couple! More details here.

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