Paper world and a call for a cover for a short story

Once upon a time, there was a kind but roguish God. He liked to experiment and create new worlds — this was the way he had fun.

This God decided to build a planet of little men made of paper where everyone would be the same, like twin brothers. He created a large sheet of paper, blew on it, and the sheet turned into thousands of newborns. Then he whispered a few words, and each group had its own language. The little men scattered around the world, began to settle down and think about making their land better.

But they suddenly realized that they were pale, unpainted, with their life place as mere as a leaf. There was no art in it, no liveliness and beauty, just a flat white bedrock. They were intelligent, thoughtful, but their outer world did not correspond to the inner world. Their planet must also be colourful.

So the inhabitants planned to make beautiful, fancifully decorated shirts and dresses to reflect the spirit of each nation. God understood this and sent them brushes and paints. Little men drew shirts: one made fancy robes of kementai and neat checkmens, and others made bright sarafans. They began to decorate their world. And then God rejoiced and realized that now he was not just an experimenter, but a creator. He decided to put his paper children in the flesh and help them build a bright planet.

And they were no longer little men, but people.

You also have a chance to create your diminutive universe — the cover of the international project of the graphic novel “Elish and the Wicker Tale”. The novel tells about a talented boy with autism and draws attention to this diagnosis.

Translations into the Guild languages are almost ready, and we want you to stretch your imagination and draw a unique cover for each language. Think about how to create a drawing that every collector will crave. The author Timur Akhmedjanov will choose the winners himself.

What should you do?

  1. Read the comic in Russian or English. You can  ask us for links to comic book by email
  2. Draw the cover. There are no technique restrictions.


— A height of at least 26 centimetres, a width of at least 17 centimetres (aspect ratio 1×65, vertical orientation);

— Photo/digital illustration resolution of at least 300 dpi;

  1. Send your work to with the subject “My favourite Elish” and be sure to specify the language for which the cover is intended. Do you need a list of languages and information about deadlines? Email us by

We are waiting for your worlds!

© Daria Slepneva

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