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Dear Readers!

We sincerely hope that you are spending a warm summer days usefully and don’t forget to take a break from routine chores.

Also In the new 39th issue of OCA Magazine, we have presented you all the most interesting and informative materials.

The central place in this issue is given to the Kyrgyz public figure, prose writer, playwright and screenwriter, Kazat Akmatov. This year is the 80th anniversary since the birth of the people’s writer, and to celebrate the occasion there was a mmorial plaque installed in London.

For readers interested in world politics and economics, we have prepared materials on new opportunities for cooperation between the countries of Central Asia and the world community. You will also have a deeper understanding of the ongoing conflicts between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which caused the excitement of the whole world, and learn about the military reforms of Ukraine.

We also paid attention to lovers of culture and art. How did Leo Tolstoy influence American literature without ever visiting this continent? Why is the tragic story of a nurse from the UK so impressive and makes people of Yakutia proud of the history? And why is the mysterious place of Gagauzia in Moldova so attracting not only for tourists, but also for researchers? Read the magazine to find out more about this topics.

Also, from June 24-28, three major festivals of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) were held in London – IX Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum, Romford Film Festival and III ECG Film Festival. You can find the names of the winners and all the details of the event on the pages of the magazine!

We try to make each issue of OCA Magazine more interesting for you, our dear readers! We really hope to hear your opinion on the latest rissue, and will wait for your comments!

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