ECG Tour: meeting with creative people of Omsk

The tour of the ECG (London) included Northern Russia as well.

The team of the Guild, Marat Akhmedjanov and Tatiana Shevchenko, visited Omsk, where they have held traditional meetings with creative people.

Participants of the main event learned more about the opportunities provided by the Guild, such as book publication, exhibitions, participation in contests, and all of these are within the frames of the Eurasian Creative Guild’s projects!

Larisa Rafikova
Valentina Shuntikova
Evgeniy Vals

At the meeting were presented such projects as literary contest Open Eurasia art-residence in Borovoe, “Voices of Friends” art and poetry festival, OEBF 2021, ECG Film Festival and others.

Guests asked their questions to the organisers, exchanged thoughts and ideas. A member of the Guild has shared her experience of participating in the contest in 2020 and becoming a finalist. This year the organisers are still accepting applications for the Open Eurasia 2021, and there was one of the contestants at the meeting, Evgeniy Vals.

ECG (London) expresses its thanks to the МЕСТО 8.20 for allowing us to hold meetings on their location! Wish you a prosperous future and hope for further collaboration.

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