Results of the first day of the international festival “Voices of Friends”

  • Results of the first day of the international festival “Voices of Friends” (September 8) *

The first day of our festival has come to the end! Although there is a pandemic and difficulties with international transfers, there were guests from other countries, representatives of various fields of activity and art at the festival. We received a lot of positive emotions, warm wishes and held several inspiring meetings.

The festival started with a master-class by business-coach and psychologist Elena Bezrukova. The topic of the master-class was “How to bring your creativity to the world”, which was held at the Rixos Borovoe hotel. Elena shared her tips on successful self-promotion at the international level and how important it is to be able to present your work.

After the master-class there was an opening of the Gala-Exhibition of visual arts. The Opening was held by the Head of the Expert Council for Fine Arts – Marlan Nyssanbaev, representative of the creative group of Burabay region – Yussuf Krykbessov, talented artist from Almaty – Maksat Kantarbaev.

The exhibition featured works by artists such as:
Yussuf Krykbessov
Marlan Nyssanbaev
Maksat Kantarbaev
Elena Bezrukova
Rina Akhmetova
Lidia Drozdova
Diana Anpilogova
Evgeniya Serebryakova
Maria Luzina
Victoria Uskova
Elena Tsygvintseva
Nelly Filippova
Milana Yussufova
Rashit Minikhanov

The culmination of the day was the official Opening Ceremony of the festival, which was held by the vice-chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) Marat Akhmedjanov, deputy akim of Akmola region Ayna Musralimova, general manager of the Rixos Borovoe Hotel Jesper Francl, executive director of ECG (London) Taina Kaunis. The official ceremony was attended by the head of the department of culture of the Akmola region Sabitova Aigul, the chief specialist of the department of culture of the Akmola region Beisembayeva Dina, the head of the Museum of Literature and Art Nurbek Nuralin, representatives of the local government Akhetova Aliya, Popov Yuri, Bystritsky Vladimir, media representatives Salyk Gulbarshin, Pavel Kosovich and Gulmira Kusainova.

Also after the Opening Ceremony, there was screened the film “Pop” by Russian director Vladimir Khotienko.

The first day ended with a bright opening of the first art-residence “ECG Horizons”! Representatives of the Executive Committee of the Guild spoke about how it all began, what the residence looked like before, about what has already been done and what plans are still there for the future.

We would like to bring our thanks and warmest wishes to everyone who attended yhe events today and we look forward to seeing you full of strength and energy tomorrow!

For those who cannot participate in person, there is a schedule of online-events.

The programme can be found here:

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