The ECG (London) newsletter is already released

Dear members of the Guild!

We are pleased to present you our traditional Newsletter, which covered two months at once – December 2021 and January 2022! The Newsletter includes not only our projects, but also the latest news, as well as other equally useful information for our beloved members of the Guild and our great friends!

In this release:

– Under what conditions will the “Voices of Friends” contest be held in 2022? Be careful and don’t miss the deadline for submitting applications!

– Who will be the new face of OCA People magazine? Maybe it will be you!

– Whose names will be imprinted on the pages of the Almanac “Voices of Friends 2023”? Only the last pages left!

– What awaits you at the Eurasian Film Festival? Get involved and find out about discounts!

– Results of the X Literary Festival “Open Eurasia”: a report on our work.

– The results of the election of the chairman and new heads of the expert councils of the Eurasian Creative Guild.

– Results of past and announcements of future meetings of the Eurasian Creative Guild with members of the Guild. We are always glad to meet you!

– Our innovation is mini-competitions, which expert councils have prepared especially for you!

– How to publish your work in the bilingual almanac “Burabay 4Seasons”?

We hope that each of you will be able to find interesting and, most importantly, useful information about our work!

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