The ECG (London) Chairman’s appeal to members

Sharing cultures creates peace    

Eurasian Creative Guild (London) was formed to build cultural bridges between the different creative people across the Eurasian region. For the past two years, during the pandemic, we have worked together and found new ways to be ‘virtually together’, we now face a different challenge – one where we have to find ways of celebrating the creative cultures that our members represent.

We do not believe that violence of any kind is an acceptable way to resolve differences, and history shows that all conflicts undermine the mutual understanding between people, that the Eurasian Creative Guild stands for.

It was once said ‘Whereas the political conflict creates a separating hollow, culture creates a space for understanding and dialogue.”  Eurasian Creative Guild has always created a space for our members to have dialogue, indeed the wide-ranging skills and talents of our members are our strength and uniqueness.

As individuals we feel for people suffering upheaval and trauma and look to our own gods to pray for a speedy return to peace so that we can focus on supporting the creative people of the region. We look forward to a time where ‘the different cultures of the world can flow into our houses’ and we can once again realize that there are fewer differences between us than we thought. 

Gareth Stamp,

The ECG (London) Chairman

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