The only chance to get recognition from Queen Elizabeth II herself in honor of the 70 years of her reign

The whole of 2022 in the UK celebrates the platinum anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II – an event more than outstanding)) For reference: Elizabeth II is the first ruling British monarch to celebrate the 70th anniversary of sitting on the throne. Can you imagine how many generations have changed before her eyes? How many cultural trends have passed through her life?

In honor of this, the Guild and Hertfordshire Press (UK) decided to devote the sixth issue of the already legendary almanac “Thread” to Her Majesty the Queen. This almanac reflects both the diversity of cultures and the connection of generations, and this year you can also place your work not only in Russian, but also in English! Why in English? Because the almanac “Thread-6” will be sent to Elizabeth II as a gift and will be honored in her personal library (and in response we will receive a letter of thanks from the Queen’s administration, as some of our Guild members have already received).

We invite you to participate in this unique collection of prose writers. Participants can be both winners of prestigious national and international literary prizes, whose works are famous in many countries and translated into many languages, and very young novice authors who take their first steps into large literature. Since 2018, the collection has included works by more than sixty authors from fourteen countries.

You will have a chance to get a copy of the letter of thanks from Elizabeth II – Queen of the United Kingdom. If you think about it, few authors have managed to reach this level.

Don’t miss your only opportunity!

For placement in the collection, write to the

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