The birth of a new creative beginning of ECG in Armenia

On February 7 in Yerevan, the fantastic meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild first time held  at the Museum of Literature and Arts of Charents.

The success of the first meeting of the Guild was marked by a large number of the creative elite of Yerevan, as well as the personal presence of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Armenia.

The official opening of the meeting was held by the member of the ECG Advisory Council Aslanian Elena, then Marat Akhmedjanov, the vice-chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild introduced Guild and its purpose to all of the guests. Later, an administrator of the Guild, Krasnogir Angelina, talked about all of the major projects of the Eurasian Creative Guild, such as ECG Book and Academic series, the Literary Week in London and the  Open Eurasian Literature Festival and Book Forum.

Then the ECG Vice-Chairman continued to acquaint all the guests with the unique opportunity to publish their article in the British OCA magazine and with the new project of the Eurasian Creative Guild named  “ECG Film Festival” in collaboration with Romford Film Festival, that will be held in London from May 22 to May 27.

Also, there was a book exhibition from London that was presented at the meeting and some of the books were given to the British Ambassador in Yerevan – Steve Dodds, in the framework of an official meeting with the aim to activate the Guild projects in the program of the British Embassy in Armenia.

The meeting was concluded with the open questions of the audience and the presentation of the certificates of the finalists of the “Open Eurasia-2018” competition Astghik Melik-Karamyan and Guild member certificate was given to Elena Shuvayeva-Petrosyan. A truly exciting moment was handing of the gold badge of the Ambassador to Elena Aslanyan, which was made by the member of the Guild.

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