Eurasian Creative Guild (London) in Georgia. The beginning of creative collaboration in Tbilisi

On February 9, the meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild was held for the first time in Georgia. The warmth and hospitality of Tbilisi surrounded all the guests of the meeting in the public organization “Multinational Georgia”.

The successful Guild meeting was attended by more than 20 creative individuals, most of them showed great interest in the Guild.

Mikhail Yuryevich Aidinov –  the head of the Pushkin Society “Arion”, Georgian Association of Russian-speaking journalists, the editor of the literary almanac “On the hills of Georgia” gave a speech. He spoke eloquently and interestingly about the publication of the thirtieth edition of the magazine “On the Hills of Georgia”, which consists of prose, plays, poetry, translations and much more.

The actual topic of the function of the Russian-language section of writers in Georgia was also touched upon, and information about  Golden Kvyaz International Film Forum was given. The importance of the contribution of the youth of Georgia to the literary segment and to the competitions devoted to literary classics was emphasized at the meeting. Mikhail Yuryevich also talked about all major projects, including the productions of theatrical performances.

Then the speech was given to the vice-president, Marat Akhmedzhanov, who presented the ECG and spoke about all the projects, competitions and festivals that will be held in 2019. The validity of active interest among writers, playwrights, and scientific professors was due to the two-hour meeting, during which the Vice-President answered to all the questions raised by the creative elite of Tbilisi.

We would like to express special thanks to the member of the Pushkin Society “Arion” – Natalia Rosin, which brought an invaluable contribution to the organization and help in holding the first meeting of the Eurasian creative Guild in Tbilisi.

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