Bashkir-Tatar literature gained its recognition in England and became available to readers around the world

These selections of books expound the richness of Tatar (Tartar) people’s literature, which has its beginnings in the early 12th century. Writers bear witness to the cultural, political as well as spiritual history of their nations, and in this sense, the history of literature is the history of the nation.

The authors try to single out the main themes from different Tatar ethnic groups such as Kazan, Bashkir, Crimean and Uigur-tatar all different but united by roots and national spirit. Tatar literature in every epoch and period has had plenty of tones, the most penetrating of which is the theme of forceful alienation from one’s motherland.

The selection of books offers different stories and poems against a rich and colourful background of social, cultural and political settings of each epoch, and presents Tatar literature as it is, preserving its rhythmical, visual and rhyming structure

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