“The Silk Road revisited” – a new book by Nick Rowan was published in London

“Asia is the ancestral cradle for all the principal world religions—from Judaism, with its pure-in-spirit prophets, to Buddhism, with its philosophy of enlightenment; from Christianity, with its message of love, to Islam, with its discipline and charity.”
– Nick Rowan

Chinese silk traders began carrying their soft, shimmering cloth across Asia 2200 years ago. For 1700 years the silk trade thrived, linking east and west, and fabulous cities such as Samarkand and Kashgar grew up along the route. But in 1493 the Ottoman empire blocked the trade, and ever since the Silk Road has been the stuff of legend, entwined with magical stories of minarets and colourful bazaars and bold travellers such as Marco Polo.

Now well-known writer and traveler Nick Rowan opens up this wonderful world again, sharing his own extraordinary experiences of traveling the Great Silk Road. Published in English by British publishing house Hertfordshire press, ‘The Sllk Road revisited’ is packed with gorgeous photos that capture some of the rich magic of this ancient trail.

“The Silk Road revisited” is a true cultural journey along one of the world’s oldest trade routes. On the way, you will discover the culture, history and traditions of each of the fascinating and diverse countries Nick passed through while enjoying beautiful photographs by famous photographers from around the world such as Dan Lundberg, Feruz Rustamov, James Stronsky and many others. Be the first to order this amazing book and go on an unforgettable journey right now!

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About the author:

Nick Rowan is a graduate of Oxford University, currently working in the oil industry at Shell in London, editor-in-chief of Open Central Asia, a UK magazine, and author of “Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road Journey”, where he talks about his travels on the Silk Road.


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