Eurasian Culture Week 2020

ECG Eurasian Culture week 2020 is a unique culture festival which provides a great chance for writers, poets, artists, directors, singers, designers to meet each other and show their works in an English-speaking arena.

This year’s ECG-2020 is the 4th culture week. The date of the event is from 1st to 6th October 2020. The festival has a variety of formats which you can discover using the link below:

If you join us, you will spend a fascinating and lively week packed with events including a activities such as the presentation by the “ Voices of Eurasia”  poetry group.

You will take part in sightseeing trips not only to London, but to other essential cities of Great Brittan. You will visit Rugby – the city where famous sport was create and Birmingham – the city at the heart of England, with William Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford on Avon nearby.

You will also participate in panel talks, art exhibitions, auctions, creative presentations, film screenings, as well as trips and other interesting encounters.

For those who must, unfortunately, stay at home during the pandemic, we have provided a format for absentee participation, where you can also participate in our events, communicate with guests, but without leaving home. We open borders for everyone!

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Eurasian Culture Week in London. This year we will work for you in the #creativetourism format.


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