HORIZONS. The first ECG creative residence

Nature, culture and freedom. How to explore new horizons of creativity with the first ECG Creative Residence.

All creative people dream about a very special place to live and work. While we are still locked down with COVID restrictions it’s like a dream we will never reach. Pandemic changed the world for good. Most of us couldn’t travel for so long and almostly lost our traveling fit. Now it seems so simple to stay home and let the creative block run us… But what if there is some place where freedom of creativity can come from nature and culture and spark some new project to make this life more beautiful and let the new world become a better place to live?

The phenomenon of different art residences is well known around the globe. Anyone can find different types and options to be pleased. That’s why the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) runs its own creative residence “Horizons” in Borovoe recreation zone in Kazakhstan. But this is more than a residence. It’s a space for the huge community life aimed to help creative people to get back their life full of amazing facets, exciting experiences and face-to-face communication (within all current pandemic medical recommendations).


It was a house in the city of Shchuchinsk (Burabay district, Kazakhstan) near the Barmashino lake right by the woods. A beautiful place in a lake district came from the idea of healing people with the water, air, kumys and other natural things. For many years it was just a private house to live in until…


The ECG (London) is creating a unique space for writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative people. It includes a showroom and coworking zone, library, music corner and indoor art gallery. So anyone who wants to share his works with colleagues and the audience can use this space as a venue.

The general partner of it is the five-stars hotel Rixos Borovoe, which is one of the most impressive and popular hotels in Kazakhstan where even presidents take a rest. So participants of our events have a chance to visit this beautiful place and enjoy it.

Tourists and travellers can discover breathtaking views around Shchuchinsk in mountains, woods, lakes and rivers. What can inspire more than nature? Only amazing cultural heritage of the region. Nur-Sultan and Kokshetau museums, theaters and art galleries on the service of anyone who is looking for the Muse. Numbers of cultural and historical memorials dedicated to Central Asian famous kings and philosophers tells a long and colorful history of the Burabay district and Kazakhstan.

On 7-12 of September, 2021 poets, writers, artists and filmmakers will join together in a framework of the first international festival “Voices of Friends” which is aimed to combine the poetry and visual arts in one. Film screening, author talks, autograph sessions, workshops, antique books auction, award ceremonies and other events will be available as parts of the festival.

In a future

Of course it’s only the first step to something bigger. The ECG (London) plans to get more opportunities for creative people such as indoor and outdoor activities.

On the residence territory an art studio will be constructed as a venue for creating paintings, sculptures and installations as well as masterpieces of arts and crafts. To exhibit all this creative stuff the ECG (London) is dreaming about building the Loft Art Gallery on a territory of thу residence. Need more opportunities for sculptors? So here it is. The residence backyard will be transformed into the Park of Sculptures. 

It will also be the stage on a territory to make a show. It will make it possible to bring theaters, musicians and dancers to Shchuchinsk and create an impressive artistic space. All objects will be available not only for the ECG members but also for the creative community of Burabay. 

In a current time the ECG (London) is open for partnership and support to bring this outstanding project to life. 

With any questions please contact the ECG (London) executive director Tatiana Shevchenko by  shevchenko@ocamagazine.com

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