Online meetings of the Eurasian Creative Guild in Zoom

Creative online meetings of the Eurasian Creative Guild in Zoom!

Over the past months, the lifestyle of each of us has changed, which temporarily deprived us of the opportunity to hold creative meetings in real life. But the Eurasian Creative Guild does not give up – we found a solution to bring creative people together. At this difficult time for all of us we need to support each other so every week we have meetings for creative people from all over the world. Everyone has the opportunity to speak, express their opinion, sing or play a musical instrument during an online ECG meeting in Zoom.

It is worth mentioning the uniqueness of the new project. Previously, members of the Guild waited for a specific day and time in order to attend creative meeting in their city. But now this opportunity is not only once a month, but every week! The new project allows everyone to speak, share their projects, meet new creative people and make new friends! And the most amazing thing is that these meetings will be held on a regular basis!

Every Wednesday, at 14:00 Moscow time, we hold online meetings in Zoom on various topics. Anyone who is interested in creativity – literature, cinema, photography, journalism, art can become part of our meetings. We will be glad to see each of you, your friends and acquaintances!

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